23 November 2010

feather + bone !

Hello everyone ! Home again, home again...

So, on Saturday the lovely people at Feather + Bone held an open day in their warehouse-space in Rozelle.

"Feather and Bone ?" I hear you ask ?

Well, prior to last Saturday afternoon, I would have asked the same question. It was only when scrolling through my twitter feed on Saturday morning that I saw the open day advertised by the good people at Bird Cow Fish. Upon such a good recommendation, and thought it might be worth dropping by...

WELL ! I'm very glad I did.

In their own words: Feather and Bone are providores who are passionate about where food comes from and how it's grown. We source directly and exclusively from producers committed to nuturing the health of the land and the plants and animals it sustains.
Feather and Bone provide produce to such reputable establishments as Sean's Panaroma, Rockpool, Billy Kwong's, Red Lantern, Glebe Point Diner, Bistrode, Longrain, Universal... and the list goes on. However, not only do they supply top tier restaurants, but if you sign up to their weekly email list, YOU TOO can order what is on offer that week and have it delivered to your home ! The open day provided an opportunity to spread the good news about this wonderful service + meet the people behind the 'meat' (and other produce).

So, on Saturday many of these proud farmers + producers had travelled to Sydney to answer questions about how they do what they (wonderfully) do.

And, oh my - the passion ! Honestly, I was almost bowled over by the sincerity of the passion each producer demonstrated whilst talking about their animals. They explained in fascinating detail the process of breeding + rearing amazing livestock, caring for the animals + their environment and also the science of creating an end product with utmost integrity and flavour... Wow.

As a number of these people pointed out, being a boutique grower or farmer is often by far not the most lucrative path a farmer can take. Many of these people are often motivated by their conviction that they are going about their work in, simply, the best possible way - for the land, the animal and, dare I say it, the discerning consumer.

Speaking with each of these farmers who spoke about what they do with a glint in their eye was very inspiring ! In addition to all of these producers, the wonderful people from Single Origin were there with their new syphon coffee (espresso is not the only way to drink coffee, people !), as were the great folks from Vini + Berta (dearly beloved establishments). Fun times, fun chats - I even may be heading behind the scenes at Vini for some kitchen time soon... love it !

So, have a look at Feather + Bone. Some special mentions from some memorable conversations:

Vince from Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb is a 5th (I think!) generation sheep farmer and he loves it ! On their chemical-free, organic + biodymic farm they breed Poll Dorsets + Texels, which is, apparently, quite rare and produce sweet meat with a very silky texture...

Organic Ways Biodynamic eggs sound like they have the most incredible tasting eggs around. The chickens are fed a biodynamic (that is, SUPER healthy) mix that is made into a porridge with real, full cream milk from their biodynamic cows ! Unique + apparently amazing. Not to mention their paradisical mid-north-coast hinterland home... wow.

Grant from Burrawong Pasture-raised Poultry had a lot to say about how they look after their chickens and it was all v interesting + convincing ! In short, they do everything, EVERYTHING on site at the farm, themselves. Lots of control, and from the way he was speaking, lots of care too. The night before Grant had been to Rockpool for the first time ("blew me away, hey !") and had eaten his chicken at the fine establishment... introduced himself to the chef, went back into the kitchen, an all round great night in town.

The pigs lucky enough to spend their days on the lush green banks of the Hawkesbury at Melanda Park Free Range Pork are a very, very lucky breed. The pigs roam the property of this organic farm, eating from the vege patches and whatever else that takes their fancy on the property as they roam free... what a place, and what pork it must be ! As I was standing there asking the randiant young lady farmer about her life, another lady came up and interrupted us as she was bursting to tell the farmer that her pork is the "best, best, best pork I have ever eaten in my life ! I buy it and serve it to guests and everyone says the same thing - it's absolutely amazing !" Well, there you have it. I'm looking forward to trying it.

And, lastly, Martin's Seafood for serving up this DELICIOUS, FRESH salmon + dill burger, and for putting pickled carrot in the salad... good thinking.



chocolatesuze said...

ahhh a happy animal is a tasty animal :P

SamR said...

I can testify as to how good the Melanda Park pork is (and the Burrawong chook too) - Glebe Point Diner often have both on their specials board. The pork is often a slow cooked thing with deliciously seasoned crackling. The chook's best known presentation is simply roasted atop a pool of bread sauce, though when I was last there a few weeks ago it was served with a broad bean puree.

Hayley said...

I am so excited about this blog - I just watched Food Inc (you have to watch it if you haven't already - it will change the way you eat and shop!) and this blog makes me (and animals) happy!