27 November 2010

a brave new world ?

photo by Peter DaSilva courtesy of NY times article
In the beginning, there were the French with their julienne, their confit and their sauces. Then, along came the Spanish with their foams and their soils. Now, enter the Nords with their garden variety weeds, blossoms and barks. It's a brave new world where chefs FORAGE for ingredients, and I love it.

Check out this article from yesterday's NY times - headline: Chefs look for Wild Ingredients Nobody Else Has. It seems that since Rene Redzepi of Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, was in Sydney talking about his food concept, it's all I keep hearing and reading about ! I was very sorry to miss hearing Redzepi speak in Sydney (his talk was held in the Concert Hall on on same night as Rosenkav opening !). The fundamental principal behind this new movement is to root cuisine in "time and place". Discovering and utilizing what is growing natively locally, Redzepi argues, is the truest way of creating an authentically local cuisine.

A very sustainable and very interesting concept and the more I read about it, the more convinced I am. The creativity required to make these 'new' ingredients work is exciting and even a bit inspiring ! It must be said, however, for those fans of the UK River Cottage, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a champion for local foraging from way back - he was doing it before it was cool ! (What a guy.)


sonja said...

Just the names of exotic herbs make me want to try them. Have you ever tried Bärlauch? I just looked it up, it's 'wild garlic'. Incredibly, you still stink like garlic days after you eat it. But it's worth it, esp if you eat it on with gnocchi or pasta.

tanja said...

wow - have just googled the wild garlic, looks a little like garlic chives used in Chinese cooking, but i don't think it's the same thing. ps I still can't believe you're a vegan. !